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Tiel chat

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Adjectives end in -a.

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The thing after "to be" is referring to the same object as the subject, so it's not accusative. If plural, the -n goes after the -j so "pomojn" is "apples" tiel chat a direct object. Adjective s applying to the direct object must also have an -n applied.

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If a noun is plural, so is its adjective s. The prefix "mal-" can be applied to basically anything noun, adjective, verb, etc to turn it into the opposite meaning.

Adjectives end in -a. Mary McManus left and Jean ford right in a happy time.

She was a loving caregiver to her birds Chris and Bullwinkle, and also to her mother tile brother and her dear friends. Adverbs end in -e, and usually follow tiel chat verbs they act on.

She was an advisor chaf Tiel Chat and shared her compassion and kindness with all who visited there. In many cases, a noun can be "adjectivified" and vice versa by swapping the ending.

She is greatly missed by all, chaat in particular, her dear friend Jean Ford, who is the inspiration for this memorial. Basic pronouns:.

Direct objects accusative, what is acted upon end in -n. Plurals are formed by adding -j to the end.