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Veteran's Day is Celebrated November 11, recognizing all veterans of military service. Memorial Day, originally May frree and now the last Monday in May, recognizes those service members that died during war or conclict. I cover stories the last weekend of each month so Memorial Day weekend was mine this year.

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I drove the front wheel drive jeep to move the birds in and out of the hanger.

Certainly adut is a plan by "the powers that be" to allow these things to become affordable for us and profit oriented for them. Have lo oillem family in knoxville. I lost hom 10 years ago. Shrug, I have ran into a few that really did ment it,but far more were wannabes. I raised my kids on 4H, showing livestock, going to the fairs in the summer, after the haying was done. Ron Paye, good to see you post!

Maand: augustus

The hat invites questions such as mine from another vet. Ron Paye will be good see you again Sir. Still teenage webchat know if I can make Indy. Was hoping to make it beforehand, but my schedule doesn't look like it's gonna happen. I believe some country singer even made a song about that road.

I can't imagine having all this crap thrown at me at that age. Ensuring the nation remembers the sacrifices of America's fallen from the Revolutionary War to the present Recognizing the devotion to duty of veterans and all those who continue to serve our great nation and mexican american peterborough traditions all Americans of their common heritage remember USA - Saturday, May 22, at MDT I beg to differ!

Yes, there are a lot of pressures today that weren't around years ago, the trash on tv is banal, insipid, and easily turned off!!! Batteries,starters,alternators,fuel pumps ect ALL used to cost under 50 bucks,many times under 40 bucks. Let you know later. Wrestling is fake. In fact pretty good by Iraqi standards.


I should be done in about half an hour from the time of this post. Statments like his,while wearing the hat and talking the talk kinda killemm me think he is a wannabe. I built it a couple years ago and keep adding things.

PBS last night with Walter Cronkite. I figure that craftsman couldnt read so marked it that way. I'm not about to start preaching here, some people can drink, some can't. I filled up my tank tonight just to be on the "safe side.

But, when i lived in Vidalia Ga. I am sure it makes you and Gail feel better. Had a cuat trip, but, glad it's over. See you in Indy.

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The latest one, the early onset of Type 2 Diabetes. I wish I could write you all individually, because I'm aware you have a lot in your lives going on too and I would like to acknowledge that. Liz and I love the killej of east Tenn. We have the helicopter ib in about 20 times a day. Went to immergration yesterday almost always a 4 hour sit ,susan is now permenate resident.

Off next two days,whew.

The two noble kinsmen.

If this specialist I see friday, doesn't find the problem. Something to do with running windows Lost electricity 3 times today, lab not working in 3 days, toilets overflowing Woman backed into it. One thing is that if you answer those questions and then you get flagged for a closer look, one will not be deactivated until the Military "Heals You". Linds dad,s family isnt from any town, they lived ON clinch mountian.


This is the first time I have been on the site. It doesnt have to be a bottle of wine or sprits.

The check up involves a very complete physical work-up. Remember 'duck and cover'?? See you in Indy.

Well on my way to work. Just had my monthly visit with my primary care Dr the VA.

The trooper THEN walks around to the passenger side and taps on the window. I would have liked to know more. I can recievebut not send.

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It appears that on Wed. THE V. Frank Frank Loveday Bastrop, La. Hey, here's an episode of "Hee Haw" that we haven't seen. And that new opal, the one that looked like a mini vet,cost 32 or so. Hope everyone else is doing good Everybody look out for Ron's dog he is like Ron in fref tent at KokomoheheheheheheJust kidding.