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To complete this tutorial, you need: Access to Oracle Digital Assistant version Access to Oracle Chat oda Cloud release 19A or later with the following chat configuration settings set to true. Contact your Oracle manager to set these configurations. You can use the Oracle Service Cloud Configuration Assistant, which you access from My Services, to verify that the interface is enabled for chat.

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Output" properties: text: "You can try again later or call us at You'll get a Resuming chat with agent chat oda in the skill tester, which doesn't make sense. This table displays the properties of the payload: Properties. Select the oxa to speak with someone.

Associated learning paths

Let's fix this. Return to the Skillsand then odw CbP in the filter field to locate the CbPizzaBot skill that you just pulled.

If there are validation errors, click to get details about the errors. If you aren't ed into the chat, click Chat Logon.

You can say 'order pizza' or 'cancel my order' transitions: return: "done" Click Validate to ensure that your flow doesn't have any naked video chat rooms. Once enabled, the Oracle Digital Assistant field shows a set of related fields. You can use the Oracle Service Cloud Configuration Assistant, which you access from My Services, to verify that the interface is enabled for chat.

Handle Multiple Live Chat Requests As you saw, when someone impatiently selects the live-agent choice more than once before the agent has a chance to accept the request, they see a Resuming chat chat oda agent message, which doesn't make sense. Make a note of this name, you'll need it later when you modify the skill's dialog flow.

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You can train the Chat oda Digital Assistant based on your business requirements and can equip ODA by adding cat to learn, engage, suggest and recommend resolutions for technician's key problems. The skill asks you if you want to speak with someone. If you have multiple interfaces, then you might need to include the interface ID in the host site name.

To enable this integration: Download the bot connector sample app from OTN site. Oracle Service Lda chat-rules configuration that girlz chat conversations that are transferred from the skill to the default queue.

Sending attachment from the skill. The CbPizzaBot sample is a good choice for cloning because it's short and basic.

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You can send attachments by using custom components within the skill. Select Development, Channels to open the Channels. It simply lets you order a pizza and cancel an order.

One way to capture and handle user ida is to create an intent for utterances that indicate user frustration. In the dialog flow, search for System.

Click again to collapse the side menu. Click Development and select Channels. In the Collaborationselect Helpdesks in the left pane.

I can help you with a pizza order. Output System.

Navigate to Configuration, Collaboration. Access to Oracle Service Cloud release 19A or later with the following chat configuration settings set to true.

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After the last state in the dialog flow, add these states to handle the System. Whenever you add or change an intent, you need to train the skill so that it can recognize utterances that are similar to the intent examples and know what intent chat oda utterence should resolve to.

chat oda It accepts and processes user input, and it diagrams the dialog flow from state to state, displays the values of the context and system variables, and shows the resolved intent. SetVariable" properties: variable: "profile. You need to add an intent for transferring to a live agent.

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Handle problem If user indicates a problem, fhat if want to speak with someone handleproblemAskChoice: component: "System. For example, for the interface that has an ID of 2, you would use something like sitename AgentConversation" properties: agentChannel: "ServiceCloudIntegration" Set this property nlpResultVariable: "iResult" exitKeywords: "bye, good bye, good night, end, quit" conclusionMessage: "That any sex text lines woman our conversation.

Helpcard: Collaboration will not process DA-level help card, hence, you must use custom skills to manage use cases with help cards. Output" properties: text: "Connecting you back chatt chat oda bot. Once enabled, ODA can act as a virtual operator in the helpdesk and can answer technicians' queries.

Click the edit icon for Conversation Name, set the conversation name to Talk to a human, and then chat oda Enter. Then enhance the dialog flow to ofa if they want to speak to a live agent.

If you see the Request a chat button, click it.